My Spring Street Style!

I have been wearing Kimonos for years now and they are easily some of my favourite fashion pieces! I just love the flowy style of them. They are so easy to pair with everything from jeans, shorts and even dresses!! This is a great outfit to transition from spring to summer! And yes I pretty much only wear black! LOL

Shop the Look:

Kimono: Meaneor Women’s Chiffon Kimono – ‘Black Floral’ on

Jeans: American Eagle Twill X Jegging – ‘Black’

Shoes: Aldo -‘Noassa’ Black Boots

Necklace: Forever 21 ‘Drop Chain Choker’

More spring/summer looks to come!


Makeup for Glasses Tips + Tricks

Makeup For Glasses

Glasses have come a long way from the ‘nerd’ stereotype! In fact a lot of people buy glasses even without a prescription just for the look of them! They can be so stylish and fashionable and can really make you stand out. However if you are a makeup lover like me it can be a bit tricky to make your makeup last under glasses. I am going to give you all my tips and tricks for makeup for glasses! Also check out my Youtube Video where I take you through a tutorial on this look!

Top Ten Tips + Tricks

Go Matte but not flat!

The biggest concern with glasses is that the makeup wears off on your nose where the bridge of your glasses hits it. Depending on the size your glasses can also lay on your cheeks. Wherever the glasses touch the makeup usually transfers because your face is getting sweaty and more oil is being produced.

Start with a matte face primer. Make sure to put it on the bride of your nose, around your nose, and under the eyes. Anywhere your glasses touch your skin.

Then choose a mattifying foundation. Again we want the least amount of oil to be produced causing your makeup to transfer and wear off. The one that has the least transfer for me is the Loreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation.

Work in Layers

The best tip I can give you is to avoid the nose area as much as possible. Some people won’t need to put any concealer or foundation on the sides of their nose. That will work best, but if you need some coverage only put it where you need it. Spot concealing (where you place the concealer only exactly where you need it) is a better option that just loading the nose with product. If you work in thin layers and take the time to really blend then there will be less built up product on  your face to transfer to your glasses. Be sure to choose a long lasting waterproof concealer like the Make Up For Ever Full Coverage Concealer.

Brighten Under Your Eyes

Glasses tend to cause a shadow under your eyes that make you look tired. So go in with a colour correcting concealer that brightens and cancels out dark circles. Still use only as much product as you need and thin layers. Peach/pink toned concealers are the best for brightening under the eyes. I like the Tarte CC Undereye Corrector.

Blot + Set

Once your foundation and concealer are on take a blotting paper and gently put it on your nose and cheeks. This will take away any excess oil while leaving your makeup in place! It will make sure your base is in good form right from the start! Then go in with a translucent loose setting powder and put that everywhere you put concealer. This will lock everything into place and give you the longest wear. I love the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder.

Set It and Forget It

Setting spray is your best friend. There are lots of brands and they all lock your makeup into place and make it last longer! So it won’t rub off on your frames. They even have mattifying sprays as well! So douce yourself in it! Spray your brush and then lightly tap your brush onto your nose for added longevity.

Line and Define

Eyeliner can be your best friend. Go for waterproof eyeliner for sure! The best are the Urban Decay Waterline Eye Pencils. The colour is where you can have fun. Depending on the colour and style of your glasses. A winged out cat eye liner looks great with most pairs. If you have colourful glasses use a blue or green eyeliner. My glasses show off my lower lash line more than my eyelids so I love to put lots of smokey eyeliner down there. It is a great way to add pops of colour since it is so visible.

A lot of people complain that their lashes hit their lenses. So you definitely want to curl your eyelashes so they go away from your frames. Go for volumizing mascara as opposed to lengthening, and really focus the product in the root of the lashes. This will give you lots of drama without the annoying part of long lashes hitting your lenses. And as always go for waterproof! Lots of people have problems with mascara running and wearing off so go for a waterproof one! I love Tarte Lights, Camera Splashes Mascara. Make sure you WAIT till your mascara DRIES before putting your glasses on 🙂

Your Brows

Your glasses frame your face but your eyebrows frame your glasses! You definitely want to fill in your brows. For one they are usually always visible with glasses. And also they really add to the structure of your face and make the glasses stand out. I would fill them in just naturally to give them definition. If you go too bold you may take away from your frames! Also highlight your brow bone with a shimmering white shadow! This will lift the eyes and make them look bigger.

On to the Eyes

There are so many things I could say about eyeshadow. It really depends on the colour and style of the frames. If you want a daytime look, or a night out looks. If you glasses make your eyes look bigger or smaller. Overall eyeshadow is something you can’t always see on your lids with glasses. So you can go a bit crazier with it if you want! You won’t see that bold purple shadow as intensely when you put your glasses on. Put blue on lower lash line to make your eyes pop.

If you are trying to make your eyes look bigger under your frames, go for light neutral colours. Stick with matte shades and add a bit of shimmer in the inner corners and centre of the lid. Also use a white or nude eyeliner in the lower waterline to really draw the eyes up!

Frame Your Whole Face

Your face and your cheeks are the most visible when wearing glasses! So really use that to your advantage. Go for a pop of colour with your blush! It will make you look more rested and alive! Also contour is a must! lol. Contouring can add more definition to your face. I sometimes feel like I lose structure to my face with glasses so I like to add more contour and really make those cheek bones pop! Also get your glow on! Since we used so many mattifying products you can really give that healthy glow back to your face with highlighter!! It will make you sparkle under your frames!


Lipstick is where you can really stand out. Since your eyes are hidden you can skip eye makeup all together and just wear a bold red lip and you will instantly look put together with your frames! I feel like red lipstick goes so well with glasses! Using a bold colour on your lips with balance out your face. All the attention won’t just go to your glasses. 🙂

I hope some of these tips help! Again there is no one way to do your makeup… ever! So just do what feels right!




Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks Swatches + Reviews

New Bite Beauty Lipsticks

Bite Beauty is launching a new set of lipsticks called the Amuse Bouche Lipstick collection. Bite’s previous line of Luminous Creme lipsticks are now discontinued. I am shocked and appalled by this as ‘Cava’ was one of my favourite lipsticks, but I suppose I can get over it! So let’s get into the new Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks!

The Details

These lipsticks launch on the Sephora website on February 23rd, and in store March 4th. Click here to shop! There are 34 shades total and they sell for 26.00$ US. This line will be their new line of lipsticks and is supposed to be a better formula. Bite Beauty describes them as high pigment shades that have been handcrafted to deliver extreme moisture, soft texture, and creamy wear. They are made in small batches which apparently allows for a smoother lipstick. Each lipstick has 12 edible oils in them with citrus flavour made from pressed fruit. They will give you healthy quenched lips.

New Bite Beauty Lipsticks

The Verdict

I have six of the new shades to review and swatch for you! They have such a huge colour range that there is definitely a colour for everyone! The first thing I noticed about these lipsticks was the smell. They smell so good! They smell like citrus like they describe. Its fresh and fruity and I love it. The smell does not last on your lips, which I like, so you don’t smell like that all day. These lipsticks are so highly pigmented and go on intensely with one swipe. These are very very moisturizing. Even if your lips are dry once you put these on it instantly moisturized your lips. They are so creamy and smooth and easy to apply! You do have to be careful with the darker shades as they are so creamy they can get everywhere if you aren’t careful. Just use a lip liner and you will be ok. These have a satin finish with a beautiful sheen. They are pretty long lasting for such a creamy formula. They will transfer but still last quite a long time on the lips. I have nothing bad to say about them actually. I do prefer the formula to the old ones as they old ones tended to dry out my lips. They would go on creamy but then turn dry and cake up a bit on my lips. So I am very happy with this new formula.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks

The Swatches

So here are the six shades I was able to try out. What a beautiful range!! From Left to Right we have: Beetroot, Black Truffle, Chai, Gazpacho, Honeycomb and Spritzer!

Here they are swatched on my lips! They really ‘wow’ on the lips!

Amuse Bouche Lipstick Swatches

So I definitely recommend these lipsticks! I love all six shades that I have. I am eyeing all the rest. If you want hydrating creamy bold lipsticks this are the ones to go for! Thanks Bite Beauty for making these Amuse Bouche Lipsticks so damn delicious.




My Generation Beauty + Ipsy Experience!

Generation Beauty 2015

What is Generation Beauty?

Generation Beauty is organized and run by Ipsy and Michelle Phan. This unique beauty event brings together the leading online beauty, fashion and lifestyle gurus along with their passionate fans and top beauty brands for a weekend of inspiration, networking and fun. Not to mention, amazing goodie bags filled with makeup, skincare and haircare products. Anyone can attend this event! It is a great place to meet the people behind the brands, connect with other youtubers, or meet the youtubers you adore!

My First Beauty Event!

I was so happy that this event was held in downtown LA at the same time that I happen to be in California!! I got an invite from Ipsy to attend the event and have been looking forward to it for months! The even is two days (Saturday and Sunday) with a special cocktail kick off party on the Friday night. This party was only for beauty creators and is invite only. This event was held at the Ipsy Open Studios which is an open filming space that anyone can use to film their makeup videos. It took my hours to get ready! I was so nervous! How embarrassing would it be if my false eyelashes where to fall off while talking to Desi Perkins!?! I arrived at the event only to see a line up all the way around the building 🙁 The only downside to the whole even was waiting in line to get in that first night. I waited in heels in ‘cold’ LA weather for an hour and a half! I just wish I knew to get there 2 hours early to line up! I would have. By the time I got in they had run out of their swag bags which was pretty upsetting. But I know that Ipsy is working to give a little extra love to the people who missed out on the bags. So we shall see about that.

Generation Beauty

Inside it was so glamorous and pink and girly! There was an open bar, a DJ, photo booth and food! They had a room where you could make your own makeup bags. They had a camera that made GIFs for you. And it was packed!!! All the tops names were there; Desi Perkins, LustreLux, MannyMUA, Kathleen Lights, Chrispy and the list goes on. I went alone but met up with another creator I know Alanna Davison. It was so packed and so loud but we ordered some cocktails and attempted to meet new people. It was a really fun night and I stayed until they kicked me out! Typical!

Generation Beauty Swag Bag

The Main Event

Creators who attended the cocktail party the first night were able to skip the lines on the Saturday, which was nice considering I was now so worried about lines! The event was downtown at LA Live. It was a huge space that was inside a very large tent! When you walk in you feel so energized by all the people who share the same passion for makeup as you! You are given what they call a ‘passport’ that has a ticket for every booth there. It allows you to get a free gift from each brand. Which is so great! At the cocktail party I met an Instagram makeup artist.  and we got along so well we decided to hang out at the event on Saturday! Her name is Carina Castro. Carina, Allana and I went from booth to booth scoping out the new products, chatting with brand reps and seeing what we could take away with us! I met a few people who were subscribed to my channel which was so amazing!

Gen Beauty Free Stuff

The amount of goodies you get in the swag bag from Saturday and Sunday is incredible! Not to mention every brand attending gives you something for free! It’s a great way to test out new products! I now have so many lipsticks I don’t know what to do with them all!

I was also invited to a dinner with my network Style Haul! We went to Cerveteca in DT LA. It was so amazing. I got to meet Laura Lee who is one of my favourite bloggers! She was so sweet and funny. Gen Beauty was so incredible. I had such an amazing weekend. I met some people who I feel will now be my really good friends! This event is worth it if you are a blogger or youtuber as you meet so many amazing people, brands and get to try out lots of good products! It is fun and exciting!! I am definitely going to go next year!

Hope this inspires some people to attend the next Generation Beauty!!


Top Five Eyeshadow Palettes

My Top Five Eyeshadow Palettes!

It is time to be honest about something… I have an addiction to eyeshadow palettes. With over 50, yes that is 5-0, palettes in my collection I know a thing or two about what is good! So here I am going to share my top five eyeshadow palettes with you! They seem to all be neutral palettes because that is more what I reach for on an everyday basis!

Top 5 Eyeshadow PalettesSo let’s go through why I love all of these five palettes. In no particular order. Don’t make me choose between my children!

1. Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette 46.00$

This is the completely matte palette of my top five collection. The whole point of the palette is to be able to contour (define) your eyes. Using matte shades allows you to add shadows and dimension to make the eyes appear bigger or smaller or wider ect. I love this palette because it comes with three quads that are neutral, cool toned, and warm toned. There is something for every look you are trying to create. How I use this palette is as a companion palette. Which means I use this for all my shading and defining needs and then go in with shimmery or colourful shades. The quality of these shades is best of the best. They are pigmented, buttery, easy to blend and long lasting! Such a great palette to have if you have a lot of shimmery shades and want to do more defined detailed looks.

2. Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette 54.00$

Oh the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. These are probably the most talked about palettes in the beauty world. I have all of them so it is clear my love runs deep. But lately my love is for the newest addition to the naked family which is the Naked Smokey. Now I didn’t think I would love this one as much because I rarely do smokey eyes. But oh was I so wrong. This palette is actually the most versatile of all of them. Out of thirteen shades only three of them are very dark. There are actually really beautiful light and natural shades in this palette. It also have four matte shades which is more than they normally include. This palette can just do everything! Natural looks, matte looks, night out looks, smokey looks you name it! It really does have the perfect range. If you are looking for a fun palette that can also be daytime appropriate this one is for you!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

3. Lorac Pro Palette 42.00$

Okay if I did have to choose one (which hurts me) I would say that the Lorac Pro is the best eyeshadow palette on the market! This palette seems like nothing from the outside. But inside it is probably the best laid out eyeshadow palette I have ever come across. It is sleek and slim for travel! It is very user friendly. The eyeshadows are so soft and intensely pigmented. I never have a bad eyeshadow day with these shades. There are 8 matte shades along the top row and 8 shimmery shades along the bottom. They are mostly warm neutrals which are my favourite! But there are also a few pops of fun colours that are not too crazy. I believe it contains the most ‘classic’ shades that people look for in makeup. Golds, champagnes, browns, purples. If you do not own a single eyeshadow palette then this is the one for you! It is really a no-brainer!

Lorac Pro Palette

4. Marc Jacobs Style Eye Con No 7 Plush Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Lolita’ 59.00$

Talk about luxury. This eyeshadow palette comes with its own carrying pouch! The packaging is so sleek and elegant! It looks like something a movie star would have on her dressing table. So this is a pricy one and you only get seven eyeshadows. I will be honest in the past I have written off this palette as nothing too special. But every single time I wear it someone compliments my eyes! And I always think it looks so simple but its true there is something about these shadows that just glows on the lids. They blend together well and just look effortless and beautiful on your eyes. There are three matte shades, three shimmer shades and one glittery shade. This is an extremely neutral palette. All the shades are very similar and there are not too many looks you can do with it. It is mostly champagne pinky bronze shades. This palette will give you that soft, ethereal naturally beautiful look. Which is definitely why its called Lolita! This palette is perfect if you have some money to spend and want just a natural pretty palette and don’t want to fuss with bright colours or different looks.

Marc Jacobs Eyeshadow Palette

5. Stila Eyes Are the Window Shadow Palette in ‘Soul’ 49.00$

This is one shadow that seems to be a love it or hate it product. I heard mixed reviews so I did not pick it up for the longest time. But I kept thinking about it and cracked. This is another neutral eyeshadow palette (clearly thats what I like!) but this one has a little bit extra. It has 5 matte shades and 7 shimmery shades. It has Stila’s cult shadow ‘Kitten’ in it which is  a beautiful shimmery champagne colour. This is a really great travel palette if you want simple and effective. The eyeshadows are a little stiffer than the Lorac or Marc Jacobs which actually make them a bit easier for beginners. They won’t get messy and fall over your face. There are the typical champagne, gold and bronze shades but there are also beautiful purple, maroon and grey shades too! Its a bit hard to explain but its just a great easy palette for on the go and travel.

Eyes are the window palette

I hope this was helpful! It can be overwhelming to navigate the world of eyeshadow palettes. Let me know if you would like me to do my top five colourful eyeshadow palettes. As I seemed to have picked all neutrals here!

Chat soon! xox