The Perfect Fall Lipstick Palette

Mac Pro Lip Palette in “6 Modern Browns”

MAC Lip Palette

All of the Lipsticks you need all in one place!

MAC Lip Palette


Looking for a one stop shop for fall lipsticks? Look no further! The perfect colours that are on trend for fall are now all in one place! What I am about to describe to you is the perfect fall lipstick palette! In one palette you get six of Mac’s top selling lipstick shades that include beige-like neutrals, browns and reds. If you are looking for the perfect 90’s lip then this palette is a must have!!! Seriously! People always ask how to I get the perfect brown nude for my skin tone, and this is a perfect way to get a custom colour that not everyone else will have! I love every single one of these shades and there is the perfect combination of light to dark shades as well as a range of finishes. The quality of these lipsticks does not change since they are not in the bullet. They are still the MAC formula we know and love. The best part is you can mix and match to customize your colour. Just take a lip brush and layer colours over each other on your lips! This is also an amazing travel friendly palette because it is sleek and small yet has 6 shades for you to choose from. And yes you get less product than buying a full lipstick but I never use up all the lipsticks anyways! Might as well try all different ones! And trust me these shades are well worth it! This palette is great for everyone. It is perfect for business professionals, students, and makeup aficionados! So lets cover the details!

MAC Lip Palette Swatches

The Specifics:

The MAC Pro ‘6 Modern Browns’ Palette retails for 40.00 USD. You get six shades:

Peachstock (Satin)

Half ‘N Half (Amplified)

Frenzy (Frost)

Fresh Brew (Lustre)

Taupe (Matte)

Paramount (Satin)

This palette is 6 grams or 0.21 oz. A single MAC Lipstick is 3 grams or 0.1 oz for 17.00. So you are getting about two full lipsticks and the price is a little more. But I think since you get to try out six shades and can create an endless amount of colours it is worth it! And like I said you only need to pack this if you are on holiday!

My favourites are Taupe and Paramount! I have been eyeing those two for a while now so when I saw they were in this palette I figured I could try them both and more!

In Conclusion:

I suppose I should mention at least one downside?! Well if I had to it would be that applying a lipstick directly from the bullet is easier than using a lip brush and a palette. But considering I take hours of of my day to make sure my winged liner is exact this really is no added time for me! It is a beautiful palette that would be perfect for someone who wants to try out MAC lipsticks, or just wants to add more shades to their collection. Six lipsticks would total 102$ so while they are significantly smaller in this palette I highly doubt you will run out of them very quickly. So definitely worth the investment to get a stunning palette of this seasons hottest shades! Who could ask for more?!