NARS Steven Klein Cheek Palette Review and Swatches

Nars Holiday Cheek Palette 2015

Nars Steven Klein Cheek Palette

Nars Steven Klein Collaboration ‘One Shocking Moment’ Cheek Palette

Nars Steven Klein Cheek Palette

Every holiday season Nars comes out with a new and improved cheek palette! This year it was the Nars Steven Klein Cheek Palette. For the past couple of years I have looked at them and thought about whether or not it was worth purchasing. I did not buy last years but this one had my name written all over it! Steven Klein is an American avant garde photographer who has worked with Madonna and Lady Gaga. He created the photograph on the packaging, not sure if he has anything to do with the blushes they put inside though.

Nars Steven Klein Palette


This palette is limited edition for holidays 2015. It is still in stock but I cannot say for how long. So I would grab this while you can if you are interested. It is 69.00 and you can get it at Sephora in store and online. As well as Nars stores. It comes with four blushes, 1 bronzer and a highlight and contour duo. This is the first time the holiday palette has had a contour duo in it. However, having a highlight and contour powder is tricky as it will not match all skin tones where blushes can be a little more flexible. If you are light – medium this palette will be perfect for you. If you have a tan – dark complexion then this may not show up as nicely.  All of these powders are very high quality. Sometimes with holiday palettes the quality and pigmentation is never as good as the original colours but I approve of these ones.

Nars Cheek Palette Swatches


All of these colours except for two blushes are in their permanent line. So if you are wondering if this palette is right for you it may depend on if you already have these shades or not. The two blushes that are unique to this palette are ‘Robotic’ and Blasphemy’. The rest you can buy individually. If you are new to Nars this is the perfect palette to get into! You can pretty much do your whole face with this! You can bronze, blush, set your conceal and contour with it! All of the blushes have great pigmentation and blend-ability. Lustre is my favourite which is an apricot shade with gold shimmer. Perfect for the fall months! And I also love Dolce Vita which is a duty rosy red colour. This shade is very pigmented so be careful! I have not used the more pinky shades much but that could be because it is the winter. I am sure I will be feeling a bright pink blush in the summer! The contour duo ‘Paloma’ is great! The contour shade is more of a reddy brown. It is not as grey as a lot of contour shades which offers more of a natural contour. The highlight shade it very brightening as it is a soft pink shade. Perfect for under the eyes!

Honestly I love just having all these amazing shades in one perfect little package! It makes getting ready so easy!!

Hope this helps. I would definitely put it in my Christmas wish list if I were you!