Hey Everyone,

I’m Brittany! I am an actress who also happens to be addicted to all things makeup and beauty! My love for makeup started at a young age. I started dance competitions where it is perfectly normal for a 10 year old to wear lashes and glittery red lipstick. I quickly started doing my own makeup and stopped my mom from doing it. I was in love. Then I moved onto the world of theatre where we had to do our own makeup for the stage. It was my first experience with contour and I have never looked back! Then I was lucky enough to enter the world of TV and Film. I was in awe of the hair and makeup artists and learned as much as I could from them as they did my makeup every day! I picked up so many tips that I put into my videos and posts every day!

Then I decided that I wanted to turn my love of dance into something more. I decided I wanted to teach fitness. I became a certified group fitness instructor with CanFit Pro. I then fell in love with Zumba and became a certified instructor with that as well. I have over five years experience teaching fitness and I love helping people achieve their fitness goals!

So turns out I took the term ‘Triple Threat’ seriously. Why do only one thing when you can do a hundred? ha. So I decided to start a blog and a YouTube channel! I love being in front of the camera and I love talking about all things makeup so it seemed like a perfect fit! So here on my blog you will find posts about makeup, hair, skincare, beauty and fashion! And maybe I will even throw in some fitness and lifestyle posts!

I really hope you enjoy and please check out my Youtube channel!