DIY: How to get Harley Quinn’s Look

Harley Quinn Costume

My whole life I have loved anything to do with Batman. So when the new Suicide Squad trailer came out I was so excited!!! I put together this Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Makeup and Costume Tutorial. It is pretty easy to achieve and I tried to stick to a tight budget! I think this look is perfect for Halloween this year! I will show you how to get the perfect makeup look and also how to create your own costume! Trust me this post is Joker approved!


Makeup: Watch This Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Products Needed:



What you will need:

  • Blonde curly hair wig
  • Colour Hairspray in Hot Pink and Bright Blue
  • Red and White Baseball T-shirt (I got mine from ‘Sports Authority’ store – Brand is ‘Soffe’)
  • Blue Baseball Shorts
  • Studded Black Belt
  • Fishnet Stockings
  • Avery Fabric Transfer Paper
  • A Bat (or something that looks like one)

Step 1: Wig



So first thing I did was went to my local wig store and bought a platinum blonde wig that was already curled and had no bangs and a centre part. Then I put it on and parted the wig into two high pigtails on either side. I then pulled out tiny pieces to hang in front of my face. I then bought bright colour hairspray (Target) in blue and pink. Your right side is the pink side and your left side is blue. While wearing the wig (and clothes you do not care about) I sprayed the ends of each pigtail the correct colour. I also sprayed the front pieces. Harley has an ombre effect going on so just do the ends of the pigtails and not all the way up. Make it un even so its not a straight line of colour across. And that’s it! It should look something like this.


Step 2: DIY Shirt


I found this red and white baseball T-shirt at a sporting goods store called ‘Sports Authority’. This is actually a child’s size but I just got a big one! Then you will need to get Iron on Transfer paper as we are going to print out the writing and iron it on the shirt! First you want to download the font: Once you have downloaded the font open up word or pages and type out ‘Daddy’s Lil’ Monster’. Make sure your page is in landscape. IMPORTANT: You need to make sure to ‘Flip’ the image so that when it prints it is backwards. Print it. And follow the instructions on your iron on paper and iron it on! The image will not be backwards! Then I took a bright red shadow and smudged it into the collar as hers is all messy like she spray painted it. Then I took bronzer and brushed the whole shirt in random areas to look like dirt. Then I cut holes in it randomly. I also spray painted one sleeve blue. In the movie trailer she seems to get dirtier and more cut up as the movie goes on but I just left it at this stage!

Step 3: Putting it all together!


In Suicide Squad Margo Robbie has shorts that are sequinned and half blue and half red. If you can source shorts that like by all means use those!! I just got as close as I could. I found blue baseball shorts at the same sports store. I bought fishnet stockings (you can rip holes in them if you want). She wears this awesome black and gold studded belt with a diamond clasp. But I just found a black belt with silver holes! Whatever works right! She wears kick ass stiletto white sneakers. I just wore white converse!

Step 4: Be a Badass!!

Now all that’s left to do is kick butt!

Make sure you watch my makeup tutorial video and you will have everything you need for the perfect Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume!

Suicide Squad